In the world, people come and go. If we go to an airport, coach station or train station, we can see a lot of people with their bags ready to move across the world. In some cases, it is to enjoy some holidays and in others, people are changing their place of residence. Sometimes, people move a few kilometres away within their country but sometimes people even change continents to go live in a city that is very different from their birthplace.

What happens when they reach their destination, and what do they think of the people of the country they moved to?

On many occasions, what one might think that immigrants does not correspond to reality, yet we act as if it did. This is how myths are created. This time, we are going to examine the myths surrounding the group of immigrants in our country to learn how things really are.




This task requires three working groups. Each group will study one of the myths listed below:

  1. They take our jobs from us!
  2. They take advantage of our health care system and our social benefits!
  3. They lower the level of education in our schools!

 Each group should collect the necessary information to be able to refute the myth. This means that you have to find information that proves that the statement does not correspond to reality.

In the Resources section, you can find links to the necessary information. Isolate the fact that you consider most relevant and list them in a document using https://docs.google.com/ so everyone in the group can may share the document.

tiempo   Duration: 1 hour


Once you are clear about the facts, it's time to tell the others, how could you do it? Humour is often a good way of communicating, is attractive and friendly, and helps to tell about difficult situations. The proposed task is to create a series of cartoons that show and refute the myth. In carrying out this work, you will find that it is not at all easy. That is why, by way of inspiration, the Resources section contains examples of well-known comic artists whose works are full of meaningful content.

Each group will create all the comic strips they require. Once you have an idea of what you are going to do, use the application included in the Resources section to create the comic strip.

tiempo   Duration: 2 hours


You have your work ready to show others. You can print the comics or send them by mail for others to see. It is important to see the work of other groups so they can teach you about the other myths that they have worked on. If you do not understand some of the content of the other myths, ask people from these groups to explain it.

tiempo   Duration: 1 hour


In no more than 200 words, write down what you have learned about the 3 myths about immigrants.

tiempo   Duration: 1 hour




They take our jobs from us!

rrhhmagazine.com/...   www.publico.es/...   See Chapter V

They take advantage of our health care system and our social benefits!

pobrezacero.wordpress/...   www.elmundo.es/...   www.publico.es/...
www.cruzrojamadrid.org/...   www.abc.es/...   www.elcorreo.com/...

They lower the level of education in our schools!

www.cruzrojamadrid.org/...   www.rtve.es/...   mareaverdemadrid.blogspot.com/...


Inspiration | Quino   Inspiration | Frato   Online application for the comic strip



The following work will be assessed:

  • Group document 1: Text document with the information collected.
  • Group document 2: Comic strips
  • Individual document 1: Individual reflection.

The following will be taken into account for this assessment:

  • Understanding of the subject.
  • Reflections that have taken place.
  • Good use of language (punctuation, suitable choice of words, spelling).
  • Clarity of arguments.
  • Time management in each task.
  • Group work.